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When you aren’t sure about something, it’s easy to be sceptical about it. Unfortunately this is what has led many people to question the legitimacy of ClickSure and go on to claim that it is a scam. Forget what you’ve heard about the “ClickSure Scam” and read on to find out what ClickSure is really all about.

Who Are ClickSure?

ClickSure currently works with over 150,000 affiliate marketers around the world and is extremely dedicated to keeping this network clean and free from any fraudulent activity. When you make a purchase with us or use one of our services, you can be sure that you are in the hands of a company that puts you first.

A Refund Policy That’s Hard to Beat

To further boost your confidence in us, ClickSure is proud to have developed the “ClickSure Consumer Promise”. This guarantees that if you are unhappy with any ClickSure purchase, you can get a full refund within 60 days. And, as if that wasn’t enough, all Sellers using ClickSure MUST abide by this guarantee with no exceptions.

We’re telling you straight that ClickSure is not a scam, but why take it from us when our customer feedback speaks for itself?


  1. 2014011128734483
    Please refund my money, I thought I was paying £1 for a pair of headphones not agreeing to monthly direct debits. I have tried to cancel this 3 times and still you are taking money out of my account. I live on £103 a fortnight with a child I cant pay this. sharmayne seepersad

  2. Hi Debbie,

    Please accept our apologies for the trouble you've been having; if you've still been unable to cancel, can you please fill out your order details here, and someone will be able to help you: